October Accomplishments


We're nearing the end of the SelecTrucks project, and only launched one site this month: Tampa. I really like the water in the design, with the little diver swimming through.


We did some small projects for Carrier this month, mostly SEM tweaks. The cool part is that we added a media center, which will be going live soon. One of our designers, Ben, put a lot of work into getting a flash video player working, so that we can set up a cool XML-driven player, that will let the user choose different movies, and lets us easily expand the archives for future growth.


I spent a solid week working on content and design updates for LP. Working with their CMS was challenging, and served to underscore the dev. team's goals as we work towards our ideal CMS solution. The updates aren't live yet, so I can't say much about them, other than they're nice improvements to existing pages, for the most part.

Detroit Diesel

It's always exciting to launch a site for a client, and frustrating to watch the site decay over time. We do our best to keep the user from shooting themselves in the foot, but DDC was a good example of a site that degraded badly over time – Enough that we actually contacted the client and asked if we could fix it. We got permission this month, and it was a huge relief to fix the broken parts and make a few tweaks and improvements here and there. The upgraded site should be going live soon.

Internet Explorer 7

IE7 was released this month, and there was some work in our department to prepare for being capable of testing in IE6 and IE7. We looked at a lot of solutions, but we settled on a short-term fix, and a long-term project. In the short-term, I've got IE7 installed as my primary IE, and then I've got a virtualPC running IE6, in combination with the stand-alone IE6 for quick testing. In the long run, we're talking about setting up a VirtualPC Server, so that we can do all this kind of testing remotely – as a bonus, we can set up environments for other scenarios, such as no flash, high security, etc.

LifeWorks NW

But, of course, the biggest and most exciting news of the month was that we launched LifeWorks NW! The months of edits and tweaks and changes finally paid off, and the end result is something we can be proud of. We learned a lot from this site, not just in terms of improvements we want to make in our internal CMS projects, but also in terms of how we work with skinning in DNN in the future. Despite all the difficulties, though, the final site is fantastic looking, and a testament to Dave's design skills.

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