Green: It’s Not Just for Hippies

Green. Environmentally Friendly. EcoFriendly. What picture do these words paint for you?

“Hippie” perhaps?

Depending upon your location and background, these topics may seem idealistic, impractical, or for the purposes of this conversation, irrelevant to your company. That would be short-sighted.

The popularity of green initiatives in Portland may not surprise you. After all, Oregon was the first state to pass the Bottle Bill.  Portland is one of the most bicycle friendly communities in the US (and the world by some accounts). Heck, we even produce a disproportionate amount of organic wine.  But, if you’re not of the tree hugging, Solstice celebrating, patchouli bent, what can a green perspective do for your company?

The not-so-little secret is that green appeals to the inner hippie in everyone– including your customers.

Hybrid car sales increased 27% in January 2008 compared to a year before. More and more Americans are willing to accept a 2-4% price hike for construction of a green home.  Consumers are willing to invest in these green products because they promise cost savings over time and also because green just feels good.

Who doesn’t want to be able to say they’re contributing to the good of the environment? And if you’re not helping consumers understand how your company can achieve this, you can bet that your competitors are.

Even if farmer’s markets and Birkenstocks aren’t your style, making your customers feel good about your brand should be.

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