Use Social Media for Customer Service

We’ve all seen stories about rogue customer service teams using social media to help customers, but here’s a great way to institutionalize it. At the end of the article, you’ll find a reminder and links about why great customer service improves both sales and profits.

Using Social Media Opt-Ins for Customer Service

Imagine if at the end of a purchase or conversion, the customer gets this check-box:

“Follow us on <social media>  for live support.”

Then at the customer service center, your team filters for terms associated with their business — INCLUDING services and products the customer may not know about!

Using Social Media for Customer Service and Opportunistic Selling

So let’s say I just bought an iPhone on I check the box. Whenever I tweet or put something in my status update about “iPhone” or “app,”  customer service reps at Apple look. If Apple can help, they do.

Now imagine if Apple adds terms like “blue screen of death” or “Windows crash.” Now Apple sends me a direct tweet that says, “We feel your pain. Get 10% off a Mac and we’ll transfer all your Windows files free in the store.”

Crazy, huh?

Nimble companies are already using social media in customer service this way.

Exuberant Customers Buy More, Spend More, Recommend More

By having people opt-in to different social media networks, you’re providing pro-active customer service, rather than reactive customer service.

And here’s the reminder about why it matters. Surprising customers with service  provides a “wow moment” of customer service. And “wow moments” are important because customer exuberance demonstrably increases customer retention and repeat purchases. How could your company use social media to improve customer service?

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