Sticky Wall 2.0

This year, Pop Art participated in Colaboratory for the first time, Portland Ad Fed’s revolutionary new internship program. We had three different interns over six weeks, from both the design and writing disciplines.

Each intern was here for just eight working days (Monday – Thursday), which was some of my initial hesitation in participating in the program. Very few projects at Pop Art begin and end in that timespan, so it was difficult to assign them real client work, which I think is an important part of any good internship. Interns need to gain agency experience, and agencies benefit from new ideas and approaches.

Still, I jumped in headfirst, and couldn’t have been happier with the experience.

Intern No. 1

Erin May Davis was our first intern, a writer, who we assigned to Social Venture Partners‘ Google Adwords campaign (which deserves a post in itself). She wrote more than 100 ads in her 8 days, did keyword research, and edited the site for optimum performance. No small task, and one that has already benefitted this unique non-profit. No wonder she was hitting the juice by the end of her tenure.


Intern No. 2

Lincoln Furrow, a talented designer, was up next. We had him do some production work on an upcoming Freightliner project (one I can’t wait to share), but he spent most of his time working on a pet project I’ve had in mind for months: re-vamping our signature Sticky Note wall.

The original wall was constructed for our 10-year anniversary party in 2007. Guests were greeted with a drink and a Post-It pad, with instructions to place the notes on a pre-gridded and -numbered wall. We called it “Post-It by Numbers,” and partygoers had a great time, eventually revealing a design inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic “Marilyn” diptych. Here she is, restored to her old glory.


Despite selecting “Super Sticky” models of the popular notepad line, the wall immediately started a progression toward entropy, losing Post-Its on an almost daily basis. Fast-forward 2 years, and the mural was but a flourescent shadow of its former glory.

Cue intern power!

Lincoln graciously accepted my challenge triad: demolish the old mural, design a new one, and put a new mural up in just 6 days.

The first challenge involved a leaf blower and a gas mask, and is a story/video for another day.


The design proved easy, too: Lincoln presented three ideas, and we selected just one, inspired by another famous piece of Pop Art: Roy Liechtenstein’s “Blam,” 1962.


From there, it was a matter of converting a low-resolution image of some great artwork into something that could be executed in the limited (but vibrant) color palette of the sticky note medium, and then scaling it to massive size. Lincoln did some measuring, made a grid, and got to work. Here’s his plan:


Seems pretty easy up to now, right? The real work began when we (and by “we,” I mean Lincoln) entered construction mode. 4,140 stickies needed sticking. And this time, I meant them to stick, which required 22+ roles of permanent double-stick tape. Too late, I realized I should have invested in 3M before initiating this project.

Here’s six days of Post-It application, condensed to three minutes by our third and final intern, the hard-working Tim Han, aka Intern No. 3, aka “The Encoder,” aka “Render Boy.”

Stop by the office and check out our lovely new wall, especially if you have a large marketing budget looking for a home.

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  1. I think my favorite part is watching Steve “dance” on his chair during the staff meeting… :) nice work guys!

  2. Awesome edits w/ the music. Like the new wall.