Just Good Food

Like junk food versus a nutritious snack, web content quality is the stuff that either fuels your brand to satisfy your audience or puts weight on your brand with little value for the caloric indulgence.

Value in this sense meaning optimizing return on your investment whether that effort takes form as an offline advertisement, a new application, a blog, a well intended social media effort or a targeted banner ad. There are a few simple principles that consistently will give you maximum yield for the effort expended.

Starting with clarity around what an initiative aims to achieve, defining what success looks like and how it will be measured is a great first step. Fold in the following ingredients and watch your recipe deliver tasty outcomes; getting extra lift across all distribution channels.


Help your customers connect with your brand in a way that enhances their lives. Back in the last century, the “it” kid of sales was “solution selling” – which centered on finding your audience’s pain point. For those curious where being a “solution provider” came from, now you can better understand the source. This is all good and fine, but beyond isolating the pain, what does your customer aspire to achieve? And how does your brand meet them in this future day?  Balancing reality with aspiration when done in an effective and provable way has far greater likelihood to engage and appeal to your audience. Infusing all your media channels with this framing “lifts all boats” or simply, improves conversion, consideration and typically accelerates adoption significantly.


Choose the right interactive channels to communicate your brand honestly. Nothing kills brand share quicker than misusing a social channel, or pushing content out to the “masses” that is off message to the tribe it aims to connect with. Junk food for the masses is destined to under achieve. Even the social media darling facebook, some see as experiencing a mass exodus, based on too much exposure or a perception of manipulation that has driven folks off to other channels like twitter. Hidden ingredients are quickly discovered, and the outcome can thwart well intended efforts merely by not considering the diet a particular audience may have.


Seems obvious, but sometimes being tricky can work against a brand. Complex applications or applications that no one will use, or mash ups with no clear benefit are not going to be a brand accelerator. Twitter for instance serves this up this with a forced character limit. As a general rule, speak simply, provide good, clean information your audience can digest and incentive to help them connect with your brand, to care or relate to the action you’d like to inspire.

Other tasty ingredients such as consistency, authenticity and usefulness are additional brand accelerators. When used consistently in combination, ingredients to provide audiences the substance they are hungry for. Satisfy them with content that feeds their hunger, and you will build a loyal following that keeps them coming back for more.

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